3 Major Benefits of Salt Water Pools

3 Major Benefits of Salt Water Pools
April 18, 2019 sdcadmin
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Every swimmer knows that chlorine is the #1 pool sanitation method. But do you know about salt water pools? For those who are aware of salt water as an alternative sanitation method, don’t let the name fool you. The salt water doesn’t come from the sea. In fact, saltwater pools actually do contain chlorine. So what makes them different than traditional chlorinated pools?

The Process of Electrolysis 

Saltwater pool systems undergo a process called electrolysis, which involves an electric current passing through a substance to cause a chemical change. In other words, you add salt to the pool water and the salt chlorine generator converts the salt into chlorine. The pool still contains chlorine, but not as much in a regular chlorine pool.

Lower Chlorine Levels

Because saltwater pools contain lower levels of chlorine, the water is easier on the skin and eyes. Some people even notice softer feeling skin when they get out of the pool.

Are you an athlete? Saltwater pools are especially great for those who like to spend lots of time underwater. The gentle water is easier on kids and people with allergies as well.

Another great thing about saltwater pools containing fewer chemicals is the fact that they’re easy on swimwear. So no worries about replacing your expensive gear!

Easy Maintenance

Modern saltwater pool systems can keep a pristine pool for up to two weeks with little to no intervention. Traditional chlorine pools require much more maintenance. You have to add chlorine tablets (or sticks) regularly, constantly check chlorine levels, and administer “shock treatments”, which involves dissolving chlorine in a bucket of water and slowly adding it to the pool. Saltwater pools don’t require such treatments as often as traditional pools. The machine pretty much produces the chlorine for you.

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