All You Need to Know About Your In-ground Pool Remodel Project

All You Need to Know About Your In-ground Pool Remodel Project
December 22, 2022 sdcdesign
The Top Add-Ons to Consider Incorporating Into Your Pool Build

Your pool needs regular maintenance to ensure it remains clean. But sometimes, going the extra mile of remodeling will ensure that it adds aesthetic beauty to your home. Renovating your pool will also help you save money and help increase its energy efficiency. If your pool looks outdated or lacks or shows signs of damage, it is time to consider remodeling it.

This article provides some tips for your in-ground pool remodel.

What Should You Do Before Getting Started? 

It is crucial to consult an experienced swimming pool contractor to help you determine the renovation costs and all the required permits. They will also help you determine all the areas that need remodeling for your in-ground pool renovation project.

What Should You Consider for Your In-ground Pool Remodel Project? 

The following are some renovation ideas you should consider for your in-ground pool remodel project:

  • Lighting will help increase your in-ground pool’s safety, primarily if you are a night swimmer. It also enhances your outdoor living space’s ambiance.
  • You can also add a pool house or gazebo because you and your guests can use these structures as a pool-changing area. They can also help with your storage needs or serve as additional living space.
  • Adding a fountain or rock waterfall is an excellent way of increasing your in-ground pool’s beauty, elegance, and uniqueness.
  • Fresh pool tiles will breathe new life into your pool.
  • Adding a saltwater chlorination system will help reduce the chemicals you use in your pool.
  • Investing in newer, energy-efficient equipment will help you save a lot of money.

What Upgrades Should You Consider for Your In-ground Pool Remodel Project? 

When renovating your in-ground pool, you could also choose this time to upgrade your equipment. For example, you may consider the following:

  • Upgrading to a better pool filter
  • Changing the location of your pool’s heater’s return jets for more efficiency

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