A Good Pool Design Seamlessly Complements Your Landscape Design

A Good Pool Design Seamlessly Complements Your Landscape Design
February 14, 2019 sdcdev

The marriage of a beautiful landscape design and a brilliant aquascape design elevates any Southern California yard from “so-so” to “so spectacular.” Pool designing should enhance your landscape instead of making it look disjointed. When turfgrass, landscape plants, hardscapes, and water features seamlessly flow together … instead of looking like standalone afterthoughts … your backyard truly becomes a private oasis that soothes your senses.

Do You Want a Patchwork or Polished Landscape?

Even if you install each of these design elements at different moments in time, a good designer can make the end result look as though your landscape was intentionally planned from the beginning to have its finished, polished look. Otherwise, your landscape may end up with a patchwork design that actually looks disruptive. Often, when you see pool designs that stick out like a sore thumb instead of blending into a landscape, the reason is that the pool company installed a “cookie-cutter” pool. But good pool designs are not one-size-fits-all projects.

What Makes a Great Pool Design?

In a nutshell — a great pool designer. The best way to achieve a harmonious design balance between your pool and landscape is to contract a company that creates custom-designed pools and spas. Your designer will want to know your preferences (do you prefer a formal or casual look?), your family’s dynamic (do you have children or grandchildren, or are you an empty-nester?), and your goals (how do you see the elements of aesthetic vs. functional as you balance the look of your landscape and aquascape designs against your home’s design?).

Where Do You Start?

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to “shop” online for a pool designer. Look for a company that’s not a fly-by-night business; one that has a longstanding history of excellence. Browse a prospective company’s online gallery of pools it’s designed to find something that may strike your fancy. And you’ll also want to consider a pool design company that has professionals on staff such as designers, architects, and installers. Another check mark is a company that offers free estimates.

The professionals at Alan Jackson Pools Inc. can answer all the questions you have about your pool design. We’ll work with you to enhance your High Desert home and landscape with the addition of a pool or spa in the areas of Santa Clarita, Palmdale, and Lancaster. Contact us to discuss your custom-designed project.

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