7 Steps to Constructing Your Luxury Pool

7 Steps to Constructing Your Luxury Pool
April 22, 2021 sdcdesign

Constructing an in-ground pool is not only great fun for you and your family but a solid investment strategy as well. An average in-ground pool will add about 5 to 8% value to your home. There’s a lot involved in putting in a pool, so let’s discuss a bit about what happens. No one likes surprises.

Constructing Your Pool

  • What you can expect: For two to three months, your backyard is going to be a mess. Construction is not a clean job, so don’t expect your yard to stay pristine. If you have fencing around your property, it will be necessary to take a large section of it down to allow the diggers and dump trucks access to the job site.
  • Get a Contractor: Choosing a contractor is always difficult. When building your in-ground pool you will want one that is an expert installing these types of pools, as inexperience can cause major problems down the road. Once you’ve settled on your choice, the contractor will then create an estimate for you to review. Don’t be afraid to make changes at this point. It’s the time to do it. Once your final decisions are made, the contractor will then create a contract for your backyard work of art! After that, the contractor will get all the permits necessary. If you live in a community with a Homeowners Association, you need to obtain permission from them as well to build your pool.
  • First Steps: Now is the time when the contractor comes in and lays out the outline of your pool, determines where the electric and communication lines will be and where the water lines will be located. Once completed, they will bring in the excavator and equipment to dig the pit and remove the dirt. Any large rocks will be removed at this point as well.
  • It’s Taking Shape: Now we’re ready to shape the pool! A steel skeleton frame is used to shape the actual pool. In this shape, they spray Shotcrete in forming the outer shell. It takes about five days for the curing process to take place and in that time, someone must continuously water the shell to prevent cracking from the heat of the sun. After this process is complete, filters, water pipes, and heating elements are installed. Then…INSPECTIONS! Yes, the city in which you live will need to inspect the work at this stage.
  • It’s Getting Pretty: It’s almost a pool! We’re getting to the finishing touches now where the tile and coping on the upper portion is installed. It’s also the time for that cool, spewing water dragon and any other water features you want gracing your pool to make their appearance. This is also where they install your deck surface. Textured, poured concrete is a typical choice, but you could always be a little more budget conscious and use concrete pavers if that appeals.
  • Wrapping It Up: It’s final inspection time! It might take the city a few days to come out and bless your pool, so try not to be too impatient while you wait. After your inspection is complete, your contractor will the final step in creating your pool. The final coating is similar to Shotcrete but the curing time is only one day. Afterward, it’s acid-washed and left to cure for a few more impatient days. Then…


Why wait any longer? Isn’t it time for you to finally build that dream backyard with that gorgeous pool you’ve always wanted? At Alan Jackson Pools, we have extensive experience building the perfect pool that fits your family. Let’s talk! Call us today at (661) 273-7231 for your free consultation. Let us design your dream!

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