5 Ways To Rehab And Beautify Your Aging Pool

5 Ways To Rehab And Beautify Your Aging Pool
April 20, 2023 sdcdesign
Pool Construction: An Extension of Your Home

Pool remodeling can bring your backyard resort new life, extra beauty, and improved functionality. It can reduce energy consumption and operational costs and improves user experience. While having your budget at heart, several pool redesign options exist. Discussing with an expert will help you make the best-suited pool makeover choice. Here are ways you can enhance the looks and functions of your pool.

1. Change Tiles

Old tiles constitute an eyesore and make the pool unsafe. Updating your tiles improves pool area safety and landscape beauty. Be creative when choosing your tile type, size, and color. Get a professional to make the most suitable pick for you. With new tiles installed, your pool looks fresher and more exciting.

2. Improve Heating

Aging heaters takes power and exposes swimmers to risk. Choose energy-efficient heaters that warm the water fast and reduce environmental pollution. Upgrade to an electric heat pump for increased energy savings.

3. Update Coping

Pool coping separates the pool structure from the deck. Since coping surrounds your pool perimeter, it should look appealing. Replace old ones if it has cracks, crumbling lines, and loose ends. Use flagstone, marble, quartzite, and even concrete as your coping material.

4. Add New Accessories

Specific new accessories include pool slides, waterfalls, and diving boards. Adding these features can increase the number of hours you spend swimming. It adds more fun and variety to the pool.

5. Reduce Depth

Do you know that depth reduction is a favorite pool redesign strategy? A deep pool can be unusable to your family members and friends. Shallower pools are safer and provide different areas for people to stand and play. Since it contains lesser water, shallower pools are easier to refill, heat, and sanitize.

Do you want to improve the looks and functionality of your aging pool? Contact us now.

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