5 Things to Know About Pool Construction

5 Things to Know About Pool Construction
February 9, 2023 sdcdesign
How to Get Your Pool Ready for the Summer

So, you’re ready to take the dive (pun intended) and build a pool. Or maybe you’re still on the fence. Well, it is a big decision. Alan Jackson Pools has built thousands of pools and believe it’s important a homeowner knows what they’ll come across to determine if they want to go forward. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five things to know about pool construction.

1. Zoning Laws

Before even scheduling a consultation, check out zoning ordinances for your area. There can be stringent liability and maintenance laws concerning swimming pools. Very few jurisdictions make exceptions to the guidelines. You should also have a conversation with your insurance agent.

2. What Type of Pool?

There are many designs and types of pools. Trying to decide on the perfect one could hold up the project for months. Go through magazines and other resources. While you can certainly check out a massive pool behind that rambling 23-bedroom mansion, keep your expectations (and budget) realistic. Alan Jackson Pools can walk you through the possibilities.

3. Put in a Quality System for Circulation

What really makes a great pool is what you don’t see. Every swimming pool should have top-notch water circulation. There’s no other way to keep your water sparkling and fresh. Options include advancements in automation, heating, and efficiency, promising a high-performing, reliable aquatic ROI.

4. Design for Longevity

You may want to get that pool constructed in time for summer, but customizing your vision will take patience. A durable pool with all the bells and whistles as well as safety features should be the long-term goal, not having BBQs and impressing neighbors.

5. Check Out Alan Jackson Pools

The most important aspect of pool construction is connecting with the right contractor. Alan Jackson Pools is an innovator in pool and spa installations. Regardless of scale or budget, we can create paradise in your backyard. Contact us and schedule an on-site estimate.

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