5 Compelling Reasons to Consider a Pool Remodel

5 Compelling Reasons to Consider a Pool Remodel
August 12, 2021 sdcdesign

The prized jewel of the backyard that is an in-ground swimming pool can be a smart investment — and a very much appreciated and welcomed one. Even so, there are times when a pool may be more of an eyesore than an asset. If this is pretty much where you’re at now, you may still be on the fence about a pool remodel. Below, we dive into five of the more common and compelling reasons to go forward with your pool remodeling plans.

1. Damaged Pool Walls

If pool walls become damaged, all sorts of issues can develop, from leaks to safety risks for pool users. In some cases, it’s plaster deterioration from years of exposure to pool chemicals and water that damages pool walls. Other times, however, low-quality materials used during the initial construction may be contributing to accelerated wear and damage.

2. Poor Energy Efficiency

An older pool may have been designed before some newer features and materials were widely available or affordable. It’s also possible for the design of the pool to be flawed in a way that doesn’t promote proper water circulation. Filters and other key parts can be older or outdated as well. A well-planned remodel can resolve inefficiency problems and keep your pool from being a literal drain on your utility bills.

3. Outdated Design

What was hot and trendy with pool design a decade or so ago may come off as outdated today. You might also view your pool’s design as dated if your preferences have changed over time. By working with an experienced pool remodeler, new life can be breathed into a pool in a way that makes it look fresh and much more inviting.

4. Trouble Keeping Pool Water Clean

An older or damaged pool may send chipped plaster or other debris into your pool’s water. If this happens on a regular basis, it can become difficult or nearly impossible to keep pool water as clean as it should be. Your pool will be more likely to look beautiful and clean on a more consistent basis if structural flaws likely affecting water quality and clarity are resolved with a remodel.

5. Frequent Repairs

It’s perfectly normal for a pool to need small repairs now and then, and even a few more significant ones occasionally. But if repairs are becoming increasingly frequent and costly, a pool remodel can end up being more cost-effective in terms of long-term savings potential. A remodel can also address any flaws or issues that may be contributing to repeated repair needs.

Never settle for a pool that’s no longer appealing, safe, inviting, or efficient. If you are noticing any of the signs mentioned above suggesting it’s time to consider a pool remodel, schedule a consultation with a trusted local pool remodeler like Alan Jackson Pools, Inc. to learn more about your options.


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