4 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Well Maintained

4 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Well Maintained
March 12, 2020 sdcadmin

If you are the proud owner of a swimming pool, you often get to enjoy the perks of taking a swim on hot California summer days. These backyard luxuries bring joy to your family. However, it is key that you maintain your pool properly to ensure it lasts for years to come. When you invest in proper pool maintenance, you’ll lower the chance of having a major issue when you want to use your pool the most.
Here are the four top tips for keeping your pool clean throughout the season.

1. Keep Your Yard Clean

Some people may not be aware that a lot of the debris around your yard can easily end up in your pool. The wind can pick up branches, leaves, etc. and dirty your pool’s water. Take the time you would otherwise use to fish it out, and instead clean it up from your yard.

2. Keep Your Pool Covered at Night

Keeping your pool covered at night may seem like an unnecessary chore, however, it will save you time and maintenance costs in the long run. You will prevent extra debris from being caught in your filters by keeping them out of the pool altogether with a cover.

3. Shower Before Swimming

Covering your pool and clearing your yard will decrease the amount of debris that falls into the pool, however, it, unfortunately, won’t be able to solve all of your pool cleaning problems. When you go for a swim, you’re also bringing in grime. By taking a quick shower just to rinse off will help to keep the water clean.

4. Schedule Regular Pool Maintenance/b>

The previous three tips will help to keep your pool cleaner, but it is still recommended to schedule regular pool maintenance. From seasonal inspections to more in-depth maintenance, Alan Jackson Pools offers the tools and experience to keep your pool in the best shape possible.

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