4 Most Common Swimming Pool Construction Techniques

4 Most Common Swimming Pool Construction Techniques
March 11, 2021 sdcdesign

Did you know there are various swimming pool construction techniques? Swimming pool professionals commonly refer to two distinct families, which are waterproof pools and non-waterproof pools. In the first, you will find polyester hulls, waterproof concrete casings, and sprayed concrete. In the second category of constructions, we have the basins sealed with a liner, including masonry swimming pools and modular swimming pools made of steel, concrete, and plastic panels. Here are the five most common swimming pool construction methods available.

Reinforced Concrete

A traditional pool construction includes a perfectly sealed reinforced concrete structure. The construction of a poured concrete swimming pool requires a metal frame made of twisted irons sandwiched in a set of formwork panels. The whole is cast in place in a single stream and seamlessly so as not to create any breaking points between the vertical part and the horizontal part. Using a shotcrete method your pool builder will spray a waterproof concrete preparation directly onto the metal skeleton. It is also possible to implement two projection methods; One dry and the other wet.

Steel Structure

For a quick and clean construction, steel structure allows several variations of panels, reinforcements and jambs. You can have different types of steel here such as commonly used galvanized steel. Steel covered with PVC sheet, stainless steel, aluminum panels and stainless steel panels are all also options. 

Modular Panels

Some pool specialists will also offer you to assemble the modular walls at the bottom of the excavation, then to level them on wedges before pouring inside the raft enclosing the base, the modules. In principle, but in special cases, swimming pools made of modular panels are not waterproof. Depending on the techniques used, the raft can be pre-poured with an overhanging peripheral footing, like in masonry pools, to rest the modules there.

The Fiberglass Pool

Designed for the most part in one piece, polyester shell pools are quite fashionable these days as they now offer a fairly wide choice of designs and shapes, from rectangular to oval. In practice, they are manufactured in an industrial manner and are applied in multiple layers with glass fiber impregnated with polyester resin, with lateral and longitudinal reinforcements embedded in the raw material.

Are you looking for simplicity and speed in construction? Contact us today for a free quote to get started!  Our swimming pool know-how allows us to implement simplified and reliable installation techniques, even for waterproof reinforced concrete pools. Do not hesitate to ask for information on our different construction techniques from our swimming pool construction experts.


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