4 In-ground Pool Remodeling Ideas

4 In-ground Pool Remodeling Ideas
October 6, 2022 sdcdesign

Are you planning to remodel your in-ground pool because some features are worn out, or need new additions? There are many ways to give your in-ground pool a brand new look. Please read on and discover some of the best ways to remodel your pool?

Installing Underwater LED Lights

With underwater LED lights, you have the opportunity to set the pool’s mood to match your preference. Consider installing energy-efficient LED lights with adequate lumens to illuminate your deep pool area. Additionally, install a logic controller to control the intensity and color better. Contact a reputable in-ground pool remodeling service provider to install the LED lights. It’s also crucial to research and gather information about the installation and the LED lights available before contacting the installer.

Interior Pool Finishing 

Years of wear and tear cause mottling, chips, color changes, and related forms of material deterioration to your pool’s interior. You can consider re-plastering the pool’s interior to refurbish it. After plastering, apply a luminous new coat of quartz, marcite, or pebble material on the pool’s interior to give it a fresh look. Similarly, you can install decorative stone or tiles on the pool’s interior. Marcite plaster and slip-resistant quartz finishes are affordable pool remodeling options. For a more premium finish, colored pebbles or Mercedes interior finishes are great options.

Automate Functions

Imagine turning on your pool equipment with a button push. State-of-the-art pol automation is a thoughtful remodeling option that helps modernize your in-ground pool. With pool automation, you can easily manage critical functions like heating, lighting, water features, and filtration. Pool automation allows you to control different features via a handheld remote or a system that functions via your smart devices or PC.

Upgrading Chemical Maintenance or Filtration Systems

Since your family needs change over time, you can upgrade the pool filters from sand/DE filters that need regular backwashing g to the cartridge filters that don’t need backwashing and are easy to clean and replace. Consider installing an energy-efficient pump in your pool since it’ll save energy costs and result in better-filtered water. Another option is to shift from chlorine to a saltwater system to eliminate the challenge of chemical balancing and create a more welcoming environment.

Are you planning to remodel your in-ground pool? At Alan Jackson Pools, Inc., our remodeling experts will custom design your project and give your in-ground pool a refreshing new look. Contact us today and find reliable and cost-effective pool remodeling services for residential or commercial pools.

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