4 Essential Tips to Consider When Planning Your Custom In-Ground Pool Design

4 Essential Tips to Consider When Planning Your Custom In-Ground Pool Design
July 14, 2022 sdcdesign

Designing a custom in-ground pool that meets your unique needs can seem daunting. Often, you will have numerous questions like, will it be affordable? Is my backyard space enough? Where should I begin designing? However, once you have a vision and attainable goals, designing a dream custom in-ground pool for your backyard is more manageable with help from experts from Alan Jackson Pools.

We have outlined a few essential tips to ensure you design a custom in-ground pool that lives up to your expectations.

Consider Pool Vision

The appearance and function of your custom in-ground pool are imperative. Generally, most homeowners design pools for relaxation and fitness. However, pools can also offer a stunning focal point for your backyard. Therefore, look at the bigger picture of the available space when designing your pool. Depending on how you wish to use your pool, you might consider including or excluding specific features. For example, consider incorporating a living space, outdoor dining, or kitchen space, among other practical features, for greater functionality. Additionally, think about its shape, size, and pool deck. Overall, opt for an integrated design that will compliment your outdoors.

Extra Features 

When it’s not in use, think about your in-ground pool in an idle state. How can it improve outdoor aesthetics? Does adding various water features and an adjacent floral garden or gazebo enhance its overall appearance? If you want to use your poolside for entertainment purposes, adding a poolside patio or gazebo can help you achieve that. Take time to account for such features when designing your residential in-ground swimming pool.

Local By-Laws and Regulations

Each local jurisdiction has a set of pool building codes and by-laws you should abide by before construction. Research this widely and determine which regulations apply. Our designers are knowledgeable of local regulations and will make sure to walk you through this process.

If you are designing an in-ground custom pool, consider these three tips and consult our design experts at Alan Jackson Pools for professional help. Contact us today for a free in-ground custom pool design estimate.

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