3 Things To Know Before You Begin Designing Your Pool

3 Things To Know Before You Begin Designing Your Pool
November 29, 2019 sdcadmin
The Benefits Of A Pool Enclosure

The first thing that you will do when you meet with a pool installation company is to design your pool. Because of this, it is so important that you are prepared. This will help get the process going much faster and will result in a pool that you will love. Here are three things that you need to know before you begin designing your pool.

Pool Location

It is important that you have a very good idea of the area in your backyard where you’d like your pool to go. This has a huge impact on the design of your pool because it must fit and function well in the space that you have decided. If your pool designer has a visual of the space, they are better able to see if what you imagine for your pool can become a reality. They can also give you an accurate price estimate for the installation because they can see what type of electric and water lines need to be run to the pool location.


If there are certain things that you feel are non-negotiable for your pool, it is a good idea to have this list written out before your design meeting. This lets your pool designer know right up front what things must be included in the blueprint for your pool. This allows the process to go very smoothly because you aren’t throwing in changes after the pool has been designed and construction is underway.

Type Of Pools

If you have taken the time to research vinyl-lined, fiberglass, and concrete pools, you will know many of the pros and cons of each and will be able to choose the one that you feel best fits your needs and budget. While you can of course ask your pool designer more questions in regards to these options, having a good foundation of knowledge will help you make an informed decision that you won’t regret.

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