3 Pool Remodel Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Pool

3 Pool Remodel Tips To Increase The Value Of Your Pool
December 8, 2022 sdcdesign

If you have had your pool for several years, now may be the time for you to upgrade. There are certain things that you can do during your remodel to help add value to your pool. Here are three excellent pool remodel tips to increase the value of your current pool.

Upgrade Your Tile 

One great tip for increasing the value of your pool during the remodeling process, is to upgrade all of your pool tile. You can change out your old chipped tile, that is faded and stained, with new tile that has a more modern design and style. This will make the interior of your pool much more visually appealing, and will be very eye-catching for anyone who uses your pool.

Install Energy Efficient Pumps & Lights

Newer lights and pumps are much more energy efficient than older pumps and lights. Because of this, it is often an excellent idea to upgrade all of these items during the remodeling process. You can go with lights that will not only look more modern, but will also reduce your energy costs. The same is true for your pumps. There are state-of-the-art pumps that do an excellent job of filtering your water and will use less energy than older pumps that aren’t nearly as good.

Expand Your Pool Area

Lastly, it is a good idea to expand your pool area. The value of your pool is not only tied to your pool itself, but also the area surrounding your pool. You can add a patio around your pool, a fire pit, a seating area, an outdoor kitchen, and more. This will make entertaining guests and family who come to your pool even more fun and will help you to enjoy your pool that much more.

To learn more excellent pool remodel tips for increasing the value of your pool, or to hire a professional to help you start the remodeling process today, visit us at Alan Jackson Pools.

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