3 Pool Design Tips To Make Your Pool Safe

3 Pool Design Tips To Make Your Pool Safe
September 23, 2021 sdcdesign

If you are looking to design a pool that is safe, there are a lot of great things that you can incorporate. Here are three pool design tips to make your pool safe.

Install A Security Gate

An excellent way to make your pool design safe is to install a fence and security gate around your pool. The fence should go entirely around the pool and being able to see through it can help to make it even safer. The security gate is one of the most important aspects of the fence because this is where everyone will either enter or exit your pool area. This gate should have a secure lock in it. This can be a key lock, a code lock, an automated lock, etc.

Clearly Mark Your Pool Depths

Another great pool design tip for making your pool as safe as possible is to make sure that all of your pool depths are properly marked. This can be done by marking the depth both inside the pool and also outside the pool on the concrete. This allows adults and children old enough to read to understand how deep the pool is in different areas. This can help to keep all of those swimming in your pool safe.

Install Safety Ladders And Stairs 

Having safety ladders installed throughout your pool can help to make sure that people can safely get into and out of your pool. Installing stairs with railing is also important in the shallow end, because this allows little ones a safe place to get into the pool. Without these in place, it can make it much more difficult for kids to get out of the pool when in the deep end, and it can also make getting into the shallow end more dangerous as well.

To learn more pool design tips to make your pool as safe as possible, or to get started on creating your safe pool design today, visit us at Alan Jackson Pools.

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