3 Ideas For Designing A Luxury Pool

3 Ideas For Designing A Luxury Pool
December 12, 2019 sdcadmin
Custom Design Ideas That Will Really Make Your Pool Unique

If you are really into a more modern style for your pool, this can definitely be incorporated. There are several pool design ideas that can create this modern effect for you and your pool contractor will be happy to include them in your pool’s blueprint. Here are some awesome ideas for keeping your pool design modern and fun.

Swim Bar

Something that is both modern and fun for your pool, is the incorporation of a swim bar. This is essentially a bar that is located right in your pool. The bar itself is partially submerged in the water, but high enough that the equipment and tools inside the bar are kept nice and dry. The chairs on the exterior of the bar are submerged in the water and the shelf for guests to sit at and use is slightly out of the water. This allows everyone who uses your pool to not only swim, but also enjoy some great drinks while doing so. This is perfect for parties and other large gatherings.

Floating Walkways

Another cool, modern feature for your pool is a floating walkway. The floating walkway is a series of steps installed inside of your pool that you can actually walk on without getting wet. While the cement used to create the path is not actually floating, it creates this modern look that is incredibly unique and fun.

Three Tier Waterfall

A more modern approach to a waterfall is a three-tier waterfall. This waterfall is made up of three different tiers that are different heights. Each tier then has a waterfall cascading over it and bringing water into the pool. The square tiers create an angular and modern look to the classic waterfall design and the waterfalls themselves are not only amazing to watch, but super fun to swim in.

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