3 Hot Trends in Pool Construction

3 Hot Trends in Pool Construction
September 26, 2019 sdcadmin
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As you consider what features you might want in your new pool construction, it might help to look at some hot trends we’ve been seeing in recent years. We’ve all seen pools with diving boards, underwater lighting, waterfalls, and slides, but let’s look at some popular pool construction trends that are a little less traditional.

Custom Shapes & Depths

One of the really nice things about custom pool construction is that we can build the pool in any shape or size. Forget about rectangles and ovals – today’s pools are completely customized shapes and depths. Think along the lines of large and small curved edges that are not symmetrical or X-shaped pools, infinity pools built on a cliff, or pools that incorporate an island in the middle. At Alan Jackson Pools, we can do it all!
In addition, pool depths are just as customized as the shapes. One of the latest trends is shallow pools. Pools that are more shallow or have large areas where they are shallow are more environmentally friendly. They require less water, fewer chemicals or additives, and less electricity to keep them filtered and clean.

Pool Construction with Integrated Landscaping

Up until recent years, in-ground pools always had cement around all sides. Now the latest trend is to fully incorporate some landscaping into your pool walls. For example, we can build pools with gardens or raised retaining walls as the border. This gives your custom pool construction a completely unique appearance. And depending on how tall the retaining wall or plants are in relationship to the sun, even a small retaining wall, bush or tree can add some shade during the day.

Add a Bridge to your Pool

Another popular trend that really makes a property stand out is to add a bridge to your pool. If you have an island or peninsula in your pool, a bridge is a natural, jaw-dropping element to add. Bridges can make a pool feel elegant or fun – depending on the design. It can also be a functional way to get a shortcut path to a tree, slide, Jacuzzi or other features in the middle of your pool.

If you would like to talk with our team about other pool trends, please contact us anytime! We’d love to share which pool construction trends might work best for your property.

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