3 Great Pool Design Ideas For Your Pool

3 Great Pool Design Ideas For Your Pool
July 22, 2021 sdcdesign
Complete Your Backyard Retreat With These Amazing Pool Designing Additions

When it comes to designing the area around your pool, hiring a professional is a great idea. A professional will be able to help you design a pool area that you can enjoy and one that enhances your pool area. Here are three great pool design ideas for your pool.

Large, Tiled Area Around Your Pool

One great thing to incorporate around your pool is a large, tiled area. This gives you plenty of space around your pool to incorporate tables, chairs, umbrellas, and more. Having tile also helps to stop debris from blowing into your pool because your pool won’t have direct contact with greenery. When it comes to tile options, you can choose whatever you think will look and function best for you. This gives you a great deal of control and helps ensure that you are pleased with the finished product.

A Pool Fence 

Another great feature to add to your pool is a pool fence. This type of fence is great for providing additional safety to your pool, especially if you have young children. This fence can go completely around the perimeter of your pool and can include a strong, security gate. The type of fence that you choose is up to you, but some great options include steel, glass, wood, and mesh. These are secure fencing materials that provide a strong barrier and are made to last.

A Water Slide and Diving Board

To add some fun to the area surrounding your pool, you can add a water slide and diving board to your pool design. You can choose from a variety of diving boards and slides, making it fun and easy to find ones that best suit your pool and your family. These can be installed with the rest of your pool features and provide hours of enjoyment for everyone using your pool.

To learn about more great pool design ideas, or to design your pool today, visit us at Alan Jackson Pools.

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