With the average annual temperatures in Lancaster, CA being 77.1°F, and the hot months of June through Sept being from 91 to 98°F, it’s not too hard to see why homeowners in Southern California so often consider installing a nice inground pool in their backyards. In this regard, here are 3 factors to consider when installing a pool in Southern California.


Cost vs. Value

Investing in a swimming pool is a long-term decision that affects the value of the home overall. In Southern California having a pool will, generally, be a good selling point for a home, as long as the pool has been well-maintained and updated with needed repairs. With such hot temperatures in Lancaster, Palmdale, Santa Clarita, and surrounding areas, having a pool is almost standard for a home’s backyard.

Installing a quality inground pool should help a home sell for more, yet the value of it extends far beyond this point for most homeowners.


Upkeep and Maintenance

Homeowners should consider maintenance and upkeep before installing their inground swimming pool. Again, this is a long-term decision that requires homeowners to be committed to maintaining their inground pool throughout the seasons and years. After the initial installation, homeowners will need to either hire a pool maintenance service or be willing to do it themselves. The cost of maintenance and upkeep is minimal compared to the initial cost of installation, yet the longevity and quality of the pool rely heavily upon it is properly done in a timely manner. Homeowners should consider the time and effort it takes to properly maintain their inground pool; if maintenance and upkeep are ignored, the quality of the pool will diminish, the resale value will plummet, and its longevity will be shortened.


Safety and Usefulness

The last factor to consider is the safety and usefulness of the inground pool. Having an inground swimming pool in the backyard is great for children and families, yet it can also be a safety issue for small children and others using it. Homeowners should consider what kind of design they want to install, in order to guard against any safety issues and magnify the usefulness of the inground pool. Ultimately, homeowners want a safe swimming pool that meets the uses they desire.


Installing an in-ground swimming pool in Southern California is something most homeowners at least consider; the hot, sunny, weather is perfect for swimming in a quality, inground pool in the backyard. Counting the cost vs. value, understanding the maintenance and upkeep needed, and thinking about the safety and usefulness of the pool, are all good factors to consider when installing an inground pool in Southern California. If interested in learning more please contact us today.