3 Awesome Pool Design Ideas To Create The Perfect Pool

3 Awesome Pool Design Ideas To Create The Perfect Pool
November 8, 2019 sdcadmin

When it comes to designing your pool, you want nothing short of perfection. With the help of a pool installation company, you can design a pool that is everything that you hope for and more. There are so many awesome things that you can incorporate into your pool design to not only make it fun, but also to customize it to your wants and needs. Here are three awesome pool design ideas to create the perfect pool.

Sectioned Off Kiddie Pool

If you have young children, then a kiddie pool is an absolute must. The kiddie pool will be built near the side of your main pool and is sectioned off using a concrete wall. The size and shape of the kiddie pool is up to you to design, allowing you to make it perfect. This pool won’t be more than a couple feet deep and is a great place for young children to swim and play safely.

In-Pool Lounge Area

Another fun idea to incorporate into your pool design is an in-pool lounge area. This is a lounge area that is actually built into a portion of your pool. The lounge area has seating for guests who want to be in the pool, but do no want to get wet. This is perfect for a mom who is watching her kids swim or for guests who want to be near everyone in the pool, but don’t enjoy swimming. A walkway can be built from the side of the pool to the lounge area and the stone can be chosen and customized to match the style and design that you’d like for your pool.

Attached Spa

If you love the idea of a swimming pool, but you also want to have warm water that you can enjoy during those colder months of the year, then a design that incorporates an attached spa is perfect for you. The spa is essentially an addition to the pool and is only separated by a barrier wall that helps keep both the pool and the spa at the correct temperatures. This makes it easy to hop from the pool to the spa and allows you to use your pool year-round. This is also aesthetically pleasing because the design flows from pool to spa.

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