2 Things To Incorporate During Your Pool Remodel

2 Things To Incorporate During Your Pool Remodel
March 17, 2022 sdcdesign

If you have made the decision to remodel your pool, then it is important that you get all the new features that you’d like to have incorporated during the remodeling process. This is your chance to not only update your pool to make sure that it is safe up to all of your local codes, but it also gives you the opportunity to add new features to your pool that you have always wanted. Here are two things that you should definitely consider incorporating during your pool remodel.

Pool Accessories

If you simply had a basic in-ground pool before, now is the time to add in all of those fun pool accessories that you have been missing out on. For one thing, you should consider adding in a waterslide. This is a great source of fun for kids and adults, and it gives you something more to do than just swimming in your pool. Another awesome accessory to consider is a diving board. You can choose the level of the board, how many you’d like, and where you want them to be located. Lastly, a waterfall is an awesome feature to add to your pool and can really set your pool apart and make it more unique and fun.

A Spa

A pool is not complete without a spa, so if you don’t have one, you should definitely have one installed during the remodeling process. Having an in-ground spa installed just a few feet from your pool will make it very easy to access and will allow you to easily go back and forth from the two. A spa can also be used all year, whereas a pool has to be closed down during the colder months of the year.

To learn about more awesome things to incorporate during your pool remodel, or to hire a professional to get your remodeling project started today, visit us at Alan Jackson Pools

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