A Backyard Oasis is Right Withing Your Reach

A Backyard Oasis is Right Withing Your Reach
December 2, 2015 sdcpro
Regardless of if it at home or at a resort, people use pools to escape.  Whether it is to escape the heat, the stress of a busy work week, or your current physical shape through exercise, many consider the pool and the area surrounding it to be a backyard oasis. But in order to create the atmosphere for such relaxation, much more thought must be put into it than simply digging a hole and filling it with water.

Below are a few suggestions to make your backyard an oasis through the installation of an in ground pool and tending to the area surrounding it.

  1. Hardscaping: The best options depend on the layout of your backyard.  Some popular ideas are a water feature (such as a fountain), stone and river rocks (for that tropical feel), and containers filled with different textured materials.
  2. Plant life: Installing layers of plush plants can make it feel like you stumbled upon a hot spring in the rain forest.  Don’t forget to consider a wide variety of options such as vines or palms to give it that island feel.  Colorful plants with big leaves also add to that vibe.
  3. Curves: When deciding on the shape of your in-ground pool, consider going curvy as opposed to the traditional rectangle.  Will all of the additional foliage, it can really give the illusion of a natural body of water.  Using salt water instead of chlorine can eliminate that artificial smell, heightening the suspension of your disbelief.

Allan Jackson Pools has used many of these methods, as well as several others, to provide the highest quality of pool installation and service for years. Contact us to explore your options and discover all the possibilities that could create a gateway to stress relief right outside your door.

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