Fred Brown

Fred Brown
March 9, 2015 jacksonpools2
Our experience with Alan Jackson Pools was great. We have a really awesome poolscape thanks to the creativity of designer Marc Nagel.

This is our second pool but our first experience with Alan Jackson Pools. The company had a great reputation, and many of our neighbors had hired the firm in the past. Designer Marc Nagel was instrumental in the whole design. The only thing we had already planned out for our backyard was the pergola, so Marc designed the pool to match and coordinate with it. I did the landscaping myself, but Marc did all the hardscape including the fireplace, firepit and barbecue; the whole area has a nice flow to it.

As we got further along in the project, Marc and I were throwing ideas around and we decided to add a few features, such as deck jets. My favorite aspect is the raised spa with travertine tile around it. We entertain quite a bit so having the fireplace and barbecue right there is ideal.

As far as maintenance, our pool really takes care of itself. The company installed one of the largest residential filters, and it has worked wonderfully. They have outstanding customer service as well. When we encountered a problem with our pool vacuum, Alan jackson replaced it at no cost, even though it was a manufacturing defect. Their office even called us during the winter to ensure that our pipes were not frozen.

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