4 Things You Need to Know About Pool Construction

4 Things You Need to Know About Pool Construction
February 28, 2019 sdcdev
4 Things You Need to Know About Pool Construction

California is a state of pool culture. Naturally, a prospective pool buyer will have a hand in the design and desire a construction to fit their lifestyle. Here is what you need to know about making your pool a big splash for you, your family, and your friends.


Safety Requirements

Under the SB-442 bill, all new and remodeled pools require two safety measures. It’s primarily for children’s safety. Such legislation shouldn’t stop you from constructing the pool of your dreams, though!


Local and Homeowner’s Association Requirements

Your county will have specific building codes. If you have a homeowner’s association, your pool may have additional requirements on top of that, like certain restrictions or extra safety measures. Do your research and consult a pool contractor if you have questions.


Financial Concerns

Do you want your pool to be above-ground or in-ground? Consider that above-ground pools cost less. What material do you want your pool to be made of? Solid concrete is the costliest but is the most durable. Heating and filtration systems are also essential investments since cheap systems will lead to repairs and more maintenance later on. If you want extras, such as a whirlpool, it’s best to talk to your contractor right away to determine whether or not they can simply add them after finishing the pool.

A pool is not just a one-time payment for the cost of construction and installation, either. Your jurisdiction might increase your property taxes, and a property value increase takes time. The market in your area will determine your property’s resale value. For financing alternatives, a pool contractor is very helpful.


Space and Landscaping Considerations

You want your pool to fit in with the rest of your property, and to make good use of the space you have for it without sacrificing room for other activities. Think carefully about how it might look before you make a final decision on its design and construction. Shape, size, and dimensions all need to be in the plan and scale drawing, and everything in writing, for the protection of your contract.


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