3 Must Have Pool Equipment Tools

3 Must Have Pool Equipment Tools
September 21, 2017 sdcpm

One of the biggest challenges of having a pool is keeping it properly maintained. Proper maintenance is crucial in keeping your pool running smoothly without any troubles. There are many tools and pieces of equipment that are entirely necessary in order to achieve this. Keep reading to find out the necessary pool equipment that you will need.


Telescoping Pole 

Unless you feel like fumbling with debris that is hard to reach, you’ll definitely want to get a telescoping pole. You can use these poles with a wide range of accessories, as well as adjust them to whatever size you need to tackle any job.


Vacuum Heads and Hose 

The best way to keep the floor and the walls of your pool free of debris is to vacuum them. You will need to do this on a regular basis. The vacuum head attaches right to your telescoping pole, which then attaches to the vacuum hose. You can then lower the whole contraption into the pool to start vacuuming. Once attached to the skimmer suction hole or dedicated vacuum line in the wall, debris is sucked into the filter pump basket through the hose. Other vacuum equipment pieces include leaf traps and vac plates.


Skimmer Net 

You absolutely need a skimmer net for your pool. It will definitely act as your most used piece of pool equipment. And again, this piece of equipment attaches right to your telescoping pole. You’ll use this net to easily and effectively remove any debris floating on your pool’s surface, and you can also sink it to the bottom of your pool for a deeper cleaning.

Other smaller and less known pieces of pool equipment include things like brushes, stones, and leaf bags. Contact us today at Alan Jackson Pools for more information on necessary pool equipment.

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